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Strength Training for YOU, no matter your fitness level!

Our coaches understand the uniqueness of everyone’s body type —thus, your training program should reflect that! Meeting you where you are, while challenging and progressing you further than you thought possible.

About Coach Brett
I have been a Strength and Conditioning Coach for 16 years.

My Journey started as a college athlete and branched into human performance of all kinds. Over these years I have helped athletes of all levels in 20 different sports achieve their goals. My life is training and optimizing health and performance.

I was mentored by master strength coaches Mike Bystol and Bobby Dethomasis. I have studied the best strength coach in the world Charles Poliquins work and have achieved a Level 3 Certification to go with my CSCS and B.A. in Exercise Science from the University of Northern Iowa.

I have trained all walks of life including kids, CEO's, High School, College Athletes, Professional Athletes and General Population and achieved amazing results.

My passion is impacting all types of clients Strength, Conditioning and Nutrition. I help them progress in a safe, sustainable way. I thrive with clients that work hard, have a goal and a good attitude.

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About Coach Stephen
I have over 10 years of experience working with clients just like you!

As a collegiate football player and high school athlete, I achieved numerous personal and team-oriented goals with the dream of playing professional football. However, after a shoulder injury ended my collegiate career, and stripped me of my identity as an athlete. I was faced with the one of the biggest adversities of my career, self-doubt. During my search to redefine myself, I found my passion for fitness which led me to earn my personal training credentials from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and eventually a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from DePaul University. I am also a certified Performance Specialist through N.A.S.M.

During my time at DePaul, I focused on holistic and functional forms of strength training to promote performance, balance, and longevity. I had the opportunity to learn from leading physical therapists in clinical settings, during my internship.

My experiences as a personal trainer and performance coach, have allowed me to realize my passion in guiding and coaching others with unique attributes and limitations, on their own journeys to fitness and well-being. I prove to be an extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and enthusiastic individual. Who is dedicated to bringing a positive, mental, and physical change to your life!

Recognized by our colleagues, clients, and neighbors:

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Take your training to the next level with a structured individualized program
Elevate your level of performance and reduce injury through structural balance, progressive strength training and specific conditioning to meet your goal.

With over 25 years of success and experience at The Strength Studio, we are capable of analyzing your body mechanics to design a training program to overcome limitations and reach your goals you didn't think were possible.

The process begins with an in dept fitness evaluation to gather appropriate information and injury history to most effectively design your your program.

During this process we will be testing movement patterns, mobility and stability, strength, aerobic capacity, body composition and any other weak links so your program can be designed to express your full physical potential.

Your journey dosn't have to end here!
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A personal training program that works for you!
We provide a unique and targeted approach to your fitness goals—reach out today!