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We are a personal training studio dedicated to providing Chicago with the most recent, functional, and science based methods for optimal physical fitness and performance!
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Our Training Model:

Personal growth and fitness are not goals achieved overnight or with minimal effort. However, The Strength Studio takes the "guess work" out of fitness by offering targeted approaches to get you to your goals. We fine-tune our sessions to meet your specific needs such as current fitness level, past injuries, movement mechanics, exercise preference, schedule and all other relevant data. Our training model can be broken down into three key parts:

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    Strength Training

    Perhaps the most important aspect of any fitness program and therefor living a fit lifestyle is strength. Being “strong” comes in many shapes and sizes, and provides the groundwork for most physical activities and exercise programs. Properly implemented strength training can; increase metabolism, energy, and mood. It can help change your body composition, improve joint health and mobility, as well as increase your overall vitality and longevity! And of course, increase muscle size and function!

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    Our supplementary conditioning programs encourage our clients to really dig deep and put in the work to see the metabolic change and lasting results! Training your cardiovascular and respiratory systems can increase your maximal oxygen consumption (Vo2 Max) and your overall vitality. These specific protocols will train the proper energy systems, allowing you to last longer during your higher intensity workouts! A few of the tools we use here are sled push and pull variations, assault bike intervals, weighted carry variations, slam ball, and kettle bells, among other modalities.

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    Nutrition & Supplementation

    You can't expect major changes without nourishing your body properly and completely. This means fueling your body for your workouts and activities, as well as providing the nutrients the body needs for recovery. As holistic fitness coaches, we offer clients nutrition consulting services built into to their personal training plans that are tailored to their specific eating habits. Nutrition is key to achieving real results when it comes to fitness. At the end of the day, fitness without nutrition or nutrition without fitness is destined to fail. At The Strength Studio, we provide a plan that cover the essentials of both.

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There are no free passes or magic pills in exercise physiology! However, with time, effort, and determination you will gain the results you have always wanted. Let's develop a comprehensive training program that is sustainable for you today!


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